What's new for June 2022

My ePay Window v24 (U2-2022)

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June 2022  
Netcraft Seal Feature

Netcraft are a third party that audit My ePay Window. Some users are selecting the Netcraft seal in the bottom right of the login page and contacting Netcraft directly with regards to re-setting usernames and passwords.
An extra pop up has been introduced to prompt the user to return to My ePay Window. Netcraft will be unable to assist with any My ePay Window queries.


Account locked – Employee users Feature

Employees who attempt to login with an incorrect password five times will now receive a notification and will be asked to contact the employer / payroll department to unlock the account.

Rates and Units Fix
The rates and units due text on the payslip is misaligned with the pay component description when downloading the payslip to PDF. 2022001