How do notifications work?

There are a range of notifications available in Senta, both for Practice users and Clients, and different ways to receive them.

Practice user notifications menu

Each Practice User has access to a Notifications menu under their user profile.

There is a list of events that you can choose to be notified about, with options for how you want to receive them - via the email address on your user Profile, the notification globe, or both. You can also toggle unwanted notifications off completely.

The list of possible notifications Practice Users can receive are as follows:

  • A task has been assigned to you

  • A task assigned to you has become ready

  • A task becomes overdue

  • Overdue tasks reminder

  • Notifications from the “send notification” task type

  • A new document has been uploaded by a client

  • A zip file has been generated

  • New questions or comments from clients via client portal*

  • A client completes a task* (includes signatures received)

  • Advisory notifications

  • Xero notifications

  • Client data has finished importing from CSV

  • An email failed to send

  • Failed sign in attempts

Failed sign in attempts

This notification is triggered whenever anyone attempts and fails to log into Senta. However, this branches off dependent on what kind of user can't log in - a client, or a practice user.

If this is notification is enabled:

  • Account managers will receive a notification if one of their clients can't log in.

  • All users with Practice Manager permissions will receive a notification that a fellow practice user has failed to log in.

Client notification emails

Notification emails are set to the email address specified on the Client record.

For more information on emails, go to Messaging