Accessibility Statement for IRIS Cascade and MyCascade

This accessibility statement applies to the IRIS Cascade HR web app and the associated MyCascade web app. It does not apply to the legacy Cascade mobile iPhone or web app, the IRIS Cascade website or any other IRIS product or website.

For information about supported web browsers and screen readers, visit our System requirements page.

Accessibility features

What is less accessible?

Below are the current main known accessibility issues relating to MyCascade and IRIS Cascade HR.


  • On some pop-out menus, focus is not always moved to the menu.

  • When opening the absence booking form, focus is not automatically moved to the form.

  • When viewing a payslip on the pay screen, the order of sections displayed does not match the focus order.

  • Downloadable payslip PDFs are not accessible.

IRIS Cascade HR

  • Most pages and sidebar menus use tables for layouts.

  • Most pages use iFrames to combine content, which may be inaccessible by some assistive technologies.

  • Page landmark regions are not identified, or are not always identified.

  • Page headings and sub headings are not always identified appropriately.

  • Some buttons are not properly identified as buttons, or have incomplete or missing accessible labels.

  • Tab order of buttons and other focusable elements isn't always in a natural order.

  • Error messages are not always clearly associated with form controls.

  • Where PDFs are generated by the system, they are not always accessible.

  • Some system-generated instructions, error messages or labels are not written in plain English.

Prioritising features for employees

Some pages and features are used by our biggest user group, Employees. We think it's right to focus our efforts on making the most important of those features as accessible as they can be. These include requesting absences, checking payslips and reviewing personal information. This work is in progress.

We'll still make improvements to accessibility in many other parts of the system. However, some pages and features are used only occasionally by system administrators and we may decide that we will not develop some of those features if it means we can focus our efforts on improving more heavily-used areas.

Standards and regulations

We use Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1 (opens in new window) AA standard as a reference as we aim for minimum technical levels of accessibility. We know we have more work to do to meet this standard and are making progress.

We have used the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) (opens in new window) to evaluate sample pages.

We are also working towards the principles of ISO/IEC 30071-1 (opens in new window) to help us improve and maintain accessibility.

Customisation of content by your organisation

IRIS Cascade HR and MyCascade can be customised by your organisation. The content of some pages, forms, instructions, emails and other messages may have been added or edited by your organisation. We don't expect you to know who wrote what, so if you find an accessibility issue, let us know and we'll identify who's best to look into it.

Contact us with feedback or to report an accessibility problem

To help us send feedback to the right people, we have a customer support Service Desk department.

As an end-user, you can't normally contact the department directly. Instead, ask your manager or HR representative to find out who has responsibility for contacting us on your behalf.

Give them the following information to pass to us:

  • The type of device you were using (for example: iPhone 13, or Windows 10 desktop computer).

  • The web browser and any assistive technology or applications you were using.

  • The page, or pages where you found the problem.

  • A description of the problem.

  • Your contact details and the most accessible way to reach you, if you're happy for us to get in touch.

Updates to this accessibility statement

This statement was last updated on 28 June 2022.

For information about the latest improvements to IRIS Cascade HR and MyCascade, visit our What's new page.

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