Recruitment+ users and user groups

  1. Click the Launch icon, then select Recruitment+.
  2. Select Users.

On this screen you will see a list of all employees who have login access to IRIS Cascade, showing the information outlined in this table for each employee.


Information displayed


Unique employee ID number from IRIS Cascade HR


‘Known as’ name and surname

Job Title

The users job title taken from their current job & salary record

Employee Status

Status within the IRIS Cascade HR system (as shown in Status field on Main screen)

User Group

Recruitment+ access setting

R+ Status

Current status for Recruitment+ use (Disabled or Enabled). The default is Disabled


Sets if the user is an authoriser in R+. IRIS Cascade is the master for this setting

Hierarchy (SBands)

Access rights

Access for a user is set in the following order:

  1. Recruitment+ > Users > Hierarchy (SBands) – If blank then uses…

  2. HR > Administration > Users > Hierarchy – If blank then uses…

  3. Current job & salary record > Hierarchy


Options for amending user records:

  • Update

  • Copy

  • Save

  • Cancel

To copy one users settings to another, select Copy in the Action column.

You can give Recruitment+ access to any employee in this list, so long as they have a role that enables them to see the module in the module selector.

Give current employees access to Recruitment+

To give current employees access to Recruitment+, you first need to add a new role that includes the areas of Recruitment+ that you want them to use and then assign that role to the desired employees. Refer to Add a new role for assistance creating a role.

Once you Enable Recruitment+ for the role you have several specific option(s), set as appropriate for the employees using this role.


Description of access

Convert Applicants

Displays all applicants who have been successful and are ready to be imported into IRIS Cascade

Allow Update

Gives access to the applicants’ data before it has been converted. The data can be edited at this point

Enable Remove From List

Tick box used to hide certain applicants from view (for example, to hide applicants who are not yet ready to be converted)

Enable Show Converted

Use Show Converted option on Convert Applicants screen

Enable Show Hidden

Use Show Hidden option on Convert Applicants screen

Recruitment+ Homepage

Allows access to Recruitment+ module


Access to the maintenance options

Data Mapping

Gives access to the Data Mapping area


Configure who can access Recruitment+ and what type of access they have, from a list view of all employees who have login access to IRIS Cascade