Recruitment+ data mapping

If new fields have been added to Recruitment+, you can set up mapping to a screen and field in IRIS Cascade.  This can be done in the Data Mapping area.

  1. Click the Launch icon, then select Recruitment+.
  2. Select Data Mapping.

  3. Select Add New Mapping.

  4. Complete the Add New Mapping form:


Description/How to complete


Displays a list of the allowed IRIS Cascade screens. If a screen is not in this list, it cannot be used


Displays a list of fields from the selected IRIS Cascade screen

R+ Field

Displays a list of R+ fields with the same data type as the IRIS Cascade field in the ‘Field’ option


It is only possible to delete current mappings


When ticked this mapping will add data for new employees


When ticked this will add data for existing employees

The Data Mapping tool only allows fields of the same type to be mapped together. So, for example, it is not possible to map a date field in R+ to a text field in IRIS Cascade.