Book a holiday

You can book a holiday by going to HR, then selecting Book a Holiday from the Home section. A planner is shown for the current holiday year together with a breakdown of your entitlement in the Details section.

You can also Cancel a holiday or learn more about Managing holiday requests.

You can also book a holiday using either of the following methods:

  • Select Book a Holiday from the My Holiday Balance section on the dashboard.

  • Select My Details from the Show section then select Holiday from the list at the beginning of the record.

  1. To book a holiday, drag your mouse across the days you want to book then select Save. A confirmation message is displayed. Select Yes to confirm.

  2. From Please confirm the durations, select full or half days (AM or PM). Any conflicts with other absences are shown. Select Save.

  3. From Request Comments, add any comments that will be passed to the person authorising the leave request, then select Save.

  4. You can view requested holidays by select My Requests from the Home section, then selecting the My Requests (Made by You) tab.