Query Builder

Query Builder is a web-based database query tool. You can use Query Builder to find and select the information you want to report on quickly and easily, saving you administrative time and effort.

You can select fields to report on, use predefined lists to add criteria such as date ranges, and/or type your own conditions. Reports are generated online, within the IRIS CascadeHR interface, and you can sort, graph, filter and export the results to Microsoft Excel.

You can report on a wide range of topics, for example, starters and leavers, holiday accruals, diversity, absences, recruitment costs, training course expiry dates, auto-enrolment point-in-time statuses, workflow triggers, expenses, timesheets, overtime and even ‘what if’ scenarios, such as the impact of salary sacrifice schemes.

You can also use the information in reports to take action on the trends and information they identify, for example, send an email, schedule a meeting or start a workflow process. You can even set reports as workflow filters that automatically check for daily criteria matches and trigger reports, if needed.

You can use the queries you build in Query Builder alongside the enhanced office reports.