Parents' Evenings Manager

Parents' Evening Manager helps you manage all aspects of your parents' evening events, including:

  • Create and edit a parents' evening event
    • Create sessions to group appointment times and types for the event
    • Choose between having video-only sessions, face to face only sessions, or create hybrid events containing both options
  • Manually book appointments on behalf of parents and carers
  • Monitor the success of events using the Event Report

IRIS Reach - Parents' Evening Manager

Parents' Evening Status

Parents' Evening Manager uses a status to determine the state of an event:

  • Draft — The event is being created but not confirmed yet
  • Created — The event is created and confirmed, but invites have not been sent
  • Bookings Open — Invites have been sent and appointments can be booked
  • Live — Appointments can no longer be booked and the event is either in progress or due to start soon
  • Completed — All sessions for this event have finished

The status of an event controls what details can be edited.

Accessing a Parents' Evening Video Session

To attend a video parents' evenings appointment, do the following:

For Staff Members

A unique code is generated for each staff member attending the event. Use that code to log into the parents' evening from a web browser on a device with a webcam. Each staff member can join their video appointments and view their appointment bookings.

For Persons Responsible for a Student

A unique link is sent to responsible persons in their invitation. They use the link to view, book, and join video appointments on any device with a webcam.