Launch Release - Jan 27, 2022

Introducing IRIS Expenses...

We’re pleased to announce the launch of IRIS Expenses.

An Integrated solution that allows you to create, submit, approve and post expense claims to IRIS Financials ready for payment.

You can:

  • fully leverage your chart of accounts, ledger accounts and security settings.

  • remove need for manual processes and spreadsheets, to standardise and automate expense procedures.

  • create accurate and reliable VAT calculation of expense and mileage claims.

About Expenses

IRIS Expenses is used by employees to submit expense claims, which then go through an approval process before they can be posted to IRIS Financials v6 or v7 for payment.

  • Set up and manage users.

  • Record and submit personal expenses back to the finance team.

  • Approve and process expenses for your team.


  • Simplify creation of claims.

  • Allocate across multiple locations and projects.

  • Easy attachment of receipts.

  • Insight into where claims are at any point.


  • Notifications when claims are available to be approved.

  • Standard automatic workflow based on organisational structure and approval limits.

  • Approval for split expenses routed to the relevant approvers.


  • Automatic posting to IRIS Financialsready for payment.

  • Notifications sent to payee when the expenses are ready for to be paid.

  • VAT treatment automatically calculated and posted for expense and mileage claims.