Getting started with Curriculum Manager

Use the Curriculum Manager module to manage the structure and content of the curriculum used in your school.

Different curriculum can be set up to reflect the different areas of your school. For example, set up one curriculum for your UK secondary curriculum and another for your IB diploma. Each of the curriculum can then be linked to a programme (academic, music, sport, etc) and the relevant school division, students and teachers who are to use it.

The Curriculum Manager module replaces the previously used Teaching Manager and Activities Manager modules.

Before you start using the module, it must be configured for use. Only the Configuration tab is displayed when you open the module for the first time.

To assist you in setting up the Curriculum Manager module a migration tool is available for you to populate the module with data held in the Teaching Manager module. This is explained further in Module settings.

Once Curriculum Manager has been populated for courses, classes and grading structures, data in Gradebooks is built. Teachers can then award grades in Gradebooks, this data is fed back into Curriculum Manager. From this data, grades are allocated in Curriculum Manager and the GPA for each student is calculated.

Once you have configured the Curriculum Manager module for use, a number of tabs are available for you to work with. The tabs available are determined by the configuration settings in the module:

Tab Use to...
Current Status See an overview of information in the module, such as a count of courses in a cycle or the number of students and teachers linked to a curriculum.
Block View Manage groups of students by blocks.
Course View Manage the courses in your curriculum.
Class View Manage groups of students in their class or teaching sets.
Student View

Manage which courses and classes individual students are linked to.

Certification Configure the grading and ranking methods used in your school.
Reports This tab is still in development.
Logging View a log of any amendments that have been made in the module.