Dashboard and Menu

The Dashboard

Dashboard provides an overview of your Asset Management system including:

  • Total Asset Number and Initial Value
  • Device Overview — The total number of approved devices linked to your system by the IRIS Assets App and the total number of devices awaiting approval.
  • Links to your system structure — Your systems structure is set through the Asset Type, Department and Location trees.
  • Helpdesk Dashboard — An overview of outstanding and un-actioned Helpdesk Tickets.
  • Displayed Reports are named and shown in full here. Any Report Builder Report can be pinned to your Dashboard; these are updated every night.

The Menu

The menu on the left allows you navigate through your system:

  • Dashboard is the opening screen and provides an overview of your Asset Management system.
  • Reports allows you to integrate your data through specific and bespoke reports — these can provide notifications to your email. Mobile Audit provides you with a stock-taking tool.
  • Manage provides quick access to Asset Types, Departments, Locations and various options for you to add and edit single and multiple assets.
  • Helpdesk is a flexible ticketing system that allows you to distribute email address(es) to people to raise issues, users to raise tasks and reminders and managers to schedule tasks. Ticket progress can be recorded and tracked to provide a log of important activities.
  • Mobile AM allows you to view how many mobile devices have been approved or are awaiting approval.
  • Discovery allows you to download the network discovery tool and search for all your network attached devices that are switched on.
  • 1:1 allows you to manage the "paperwork" associated with the loaning of assets.
  • Settings allows to view the system structure, set Helpdesk options and create, edit and manage your Users.
  • System Help provides you with support documents and details of how to contact our Helpdesk. Make sure you set your telephone security phrase now, we need this to provide GDPR compliant telephone support.
  • Logout allows you to close your session and exits the system.

It is useful to know that in almost every window of IRIS Assets is the name of the Organisation whose account you are logged into, located in the top right.

If you need further help using the system, log a support ticket (a Service Cloud account is required) to contact our Support Team.