How to reverse Fees Postings


If a mistake has been made with a Posting it cannot be deleted or amended. the only option available is to reverse it.

To reverse a posting:

  1. In IRIS Fees click on Enquiries | Account Details. The following screen displays.

  2. Select the client with the posting that needs to be reversed.

  3. From the list of postings highlight the posting that needs to be reversed and click View.

  1. Check that the posting selected is the one to be reversed and click Reverse.


The following screen displays.

  1. In the confirmation screen select the Period the reversal postings are going into and the Date of the contra posting (the date and period selected should be the same as the original posting).

  2. Click OK.


The following message displays.

  1. Click OK to continue.


If the clients WIP balance hasn’t reverted back to the original amount then the Fee Documents on the Time Ledger needs to be updated to bring the contra posting across:

  1. In IRIS Time click on Pending Queue | Update Ledger

  2. Select Fees Documents.

  3. Click OK.