How to De-register a client from Time & Fees


Clients that need to be deleted from the IRIS database, firstly need to be de-register from Time & Fees. The de-registration process moves all Time & Fees postings from the clients record to a ‘suspense’ account.


De-registering Clients

The Client de-register facility is a utility for removing clients from the IRIS Time & Fees system. Once de-registered, a client will no longer appear in Time & Fees, and all the information in Time and Fees stored against this client will be deleted.

Before the de-register procedure can be used, a Suspense Account must be defined to move the existing Time & Fees postings on the Clients that are to be De-registered. This allows historical totals to be correctly maintained. The Suspense Account can be an existing Client or a specially defined Client for the purpose.


To set up a Suspense Account:

  1. Sign into IRIS as MASTER.

  2. Open IRIS Time or Fees from the IRIS Main Menu.

  3. Select Options | Suspense A/C to display the Time and Fees Suspense Account screen:

  1. Click the magnifying glass to view the Client browser.

  1. Create a New Client, (it can be any type of Client). Generally, a Suspense Account ID would start with ZZSUSP, and name it Suspense Account.

  2. After selecting the client, click OK to finish setting up the Suspense Account.

  1. Staff would need to have the De-register privileges to allow them to De-register Clients.


To set De-register privileges:

  1. Log on IRIS Time or Fees Ledger as MASTER.

  2. Click File | Staff

  3. Highlight the staff member and click View.

  4. Click the Privileges tab and select Can de-register clients from Time & Fees.

  5. Click Save and close the Staff Maintenance screen.


  1. To activate the new privilege, log out of IRIS and log back in as the staff member.

  2. The best time to de-register any clients is after the year end reports have been run.

Before de-registering, it is advisable to ensure that the Client's WIP and Fees accounts are cleared of any outstanding balances.


To begin the de-registering process:

  1. Log on to IRIS Time or IRIS Fees.

  2. File  |  HouseKeeping  |  De-register client

  1. Enter the identifier of the client to be de-registered or click the magnifying glass to select it from the Client Browser list. To de-register multiple clients enter the client ID’s separated by comma’s.  It is possible to de-register up to 50 clients at one time. (If de-registering multiple clients it is advisable to do this when other users are logged out of  Time & Fees)

  2. Click OK to confirm completion of the de-registering process. If OK is clicked, the Clients postings will be sent to the Suspense account and nothing else will be done to the Client.


  1. This process is irreversible.


Once the Client has been de-registered, they can be deleted :

  1. Log on to IRIS Time/Fees from the IRIS Main Menu.

  2. Select File | Client

  3. From the Client Browser, highlight the Client to be deleted.

  4. Click Delete to delete the client from the database.

  5. The Delete Client Data screen displays requesting confirmation of the deletion. The Client ID and Client Name to be deleted are displayed on the screen. It also states that all Client data, for that particular client, will be removed from Tax, Accounting, Practice Management, AutoMail and Time & Fees.

  6. This process is irreversible.

    If you do not have a current licence for Time and Fees please contact IRIS Sales on 0344 815 5550.