Installing SQL Server 2017 Express

  1. Download the SQL Server 2017 Express installer by clicking this link. The installer will automatically begin to download. (The installer file is approximately 280 megabytes and may take a few moments to download).

  2. Follow the steps in your web browser to open the installation file.  If prompted, allow the application to run:

  1. Click OK to the Choose Directory for Extracted Files prompt:


The installation files are extracted:

  1. Click the top link, New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation.

  1. Accept the license terms and click Next.

  1. Click Next once the SQL Installer has completed the Install Rules and checks. The SQL installer will check for product updates and automatically download any additional files needed.

  1. Verify that the Instance Features and Shared Features options are selected and click Next.

  1. Verify that Named Instance is selected and then enter a name . Ensure Instance ID is IRISPRACTICE then click Next.

  1. Leave the default settings on the Server Configuration screen and click Next.

  1. Select the option for Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication). Enter a password for your database instance and Confirm password. Please, write down your password and keep it somewhere important. Then, click Next.

SQL Server 2017 will now be installed.

  1. If you are notified that a computer restart is required, click OK.

  1. Click Close on the Completion screen. SQL Server 2017 is now installed.
  2. Go back to the SQL Server Installation Center and select the options to Install SQL Server Management Tools or go to: management-studio-ssms?view=sql-server-2017

  1. Select the link Download SQL Server Management Studio 17.8.1 (no previous version of SSMS 17.x is required on the computer).
  2. Download the file   and click to run it on your PC.
  3. Once the installer launches, click the Install button:

Once finished it displayed a Setup Completed message.