Repairing an IRIS Installation

Please see the checklist below before you start the repair:


How to know which update to run for a repair?

Please see table below:

Version Currently Installed

How to Repair

Downloaded file name

11.2.0 Run 11.2.0 IRIS110200.exe
11.1.0 Run 11.1.0 IRIS110100.exe
11.0.0 Run 11.0.0 IRIS110000.exe
10.9.3 Run 10.9.3 IRIS100903.exe
10.9.2 Run 10.9.2 IRIS100902.exe
10.9.1 Run 10.9.0 IRIS100900.exe
10.9.0 Run 10.9.0 IRIS100900.exe
10.8.0 Run 10.7.1 IRIS100701.exe
10.7.1 Run 10.7.1 IRIS100701.exe
10.7.0 Run 10.7.0 IRIS100700.exe
10.6.0 Run 10.6.0 IRIS100600.exe


  1. Double-click the IRIS100701.exe file (or which ever Iris version you wish to repair).

  1. Click Run and then OK.

  1. Click Setup.

  1. Click Next then select Repair and Next.

  1. Click Next to confirm you have a full backup of your current SQL database and then select Install and the repair will begin.

  1. Once the repair has completed click Finish.

  1. You will only need to restart your computer if you are prompted.