IRIS Practice Management Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the email facility in Practice Management compatible with office 365 or 64 bit office?


Why are Tax/Accounts figures not showing in Data Mining?


Why does Practice Management show twice in the logins for IRIS?


Clients are missing from Data Mining


Tax/Accounts figures not transferring through to practice management/data mining


How to ensure clients jobs appears on the job/job stages tab on the Practice Management staff control panel


Can job assignee/job manager/partner be changed in bulk?


How can I add new clients using the new client browser in 18.1?


I am unable to access a client with a password on the account, I'm sure I am entering the correct password and the forgotten button is not showing?


I have been using Practice Management and now need to log in as a different user but I am not being prompted for a login?


When I view a client I cannot see attributes, jobs, task or the notes tabs, why?


There are no profiles attached to my jobs, why?


Why can I not create a task in Practice Management?


I would like to delete a task, but seem unable?


How do I create, edit or delete a client attribute?


I wish to categorise my clients should I use Client Categories or Client Attributes?


I am using the Find Clients screens, outside of Practice Management, and cannot search by attribute.


After I have marked all profiles within a client job, I want to mark the job as complete and how do I do this?


I have created a job against a client in error. Can I delete it?