How do I remap Communications after a server move?


I have moved IRIS to the new server, how do I map the communications to point to the new location?

After moving servers, you will have to point the communications that are saved in Practice Management to the correct path (the new server) to ensure you are able to view the documents. To do this:

  1. From the IRIS Main Menu select System Maintenance.

  2. Log on as MASTER.

  3. Select on Utilities | Communication Tracking Path Mapping

    The following screen displays.

  4. In the From: field, enter the path to the old server, for example,.\\oldserver\ClientDocuments. and click Add Mapping.
  1. In the To: field, enter the path to the new server, for example, \\newserver\ClientDocuments and click Add Mapping.
  2. Substituting 'new server' for the new server name.

The default folder is used to map the Enable custom file naming feature in Auto Mail. This allows the user to navigate immediately to the correct client folder.


All client communications for the practice are saved on the server in a particular folder, that is, for client ABC001, the documents would be saved in \\newserver\ClientDocuments\ABC001.

If the default folder is not setup, then you would need to navigate to the above path every time you generate a letter for client ABC001.

To overcome this tedious task, in the Default Folder field, enter the location to save the communications \\newserver\ClientDocuments.

  1. Click Close.