IRIS OpenSpace eSignature


IRIS OpenSpace now includes eSignatures, allowing our customers to request client’s signature for approval from more than one person within a company.

Clients can add their signature using draw, type or upload image of signature to approve the document.


Client Signing Document

Upload from IRIS Accountancy Suite

OpenSpace Practice Dashboard in IRIS Accountancy Suite



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Requesting eSignature

Once the client and folder have been selected, where the uploaded file(s) need to go, the following screen displays.

  1. Select the file(s) to the client's OpenSpace. More than one file can be selected at a time. Files can also be dragged and dropped anywhere on this page to start uploading.


  1. Once the file(s) has been added, select e-Signature as approval type then ensure the Client has given consent to electronically approve their documents option and upload.


  1. Drag and drop the fields on to the document, you can use the x icon to delete the field or drag them once placed. Click Send to send to the client for signing.


The file status is now Request.


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Client signing document

  1. Depending on the notifications settings for the client, they should receive an email regarding the document. They can click on the document URL to take them into the document if logged in. Alternatively, they can go to directly.


  1. Once logged in the client will see the Dashboard. Under awaiting approval they need to click Sign to take them into the document.


Once the client has viewed the document they can use the PENDING ACTIONS section to take them where they need to be,

  1. Click Review Signature.


  1. Clicking on the signature box enables the client to either Draw their signature, type it in using the Text option or Upload a signature file.

  2. Click Sign to apply the signature. If there is more than one signature, click Sign & Apply All.


  1. Click Approve to complete the signing of the document.


The status updates to Signed.


Once signed you can download the document, to see it signed with the security certificate added.


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Upload from IRIS Accountancy Suite

  1. Once you have generated the document, ensure the PDF option is selected and the IRIS OpenSpace Upload option is also selected.


  1. The following message displays. Click Yes.


  1. Ensure the e-Signature and client consent options are selected. If you wish to notify your client on the document select Receive Notifications as well.

  2. Click Request.


If there are multiple recipients listed on the right, ensure the right one is selected.

  1. Scroll to the section on the page and then drag the fields over onto the document.

Click the x in the top right of the field to delete it if placed incorrectly. Fields can also be dragged once place, to the correct location.

Selecting another recipient from the list for multiple approval, will result in the first signature field being greyed out, so you can visually see which fields are for who.

  1. Click Send.


The following message displays if the document has been uploaded successfully


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OpenSpace Practice Dashboard in IRIS Accountancy Suite

When document is uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace, it will show in the Client Dashboards; click the icon to locate it.

To view the OpenSpace details, select the required client and select the IRIS OpenSpace tab, as shown below:


The page displays the items that have been uploaded, whether they have been logged into IRIS communications, their approval status and who they were uploaded by.  

When approval is requested on documents ‘Approval Requested’ displays in the Status column.

Once the document has been signed by all required OpenSpace users the status will show as ‘Signed’.  



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