IRIS Payroll Professional & Business integration

The New Administrator email address needs to be added to the payroll software along with the relevant Client selected in Company Details.

  1. Log into Admin, click File | Online Login Details | IRIS OpenSpace  

  2. Enter the Username and Password registered on the IRIS OpenSpace website and click OK.   

  3. Log back into the payroll and from the Company menu select Alter Company Details then select the IRIS OpenSpace tab.  

  4. Click Refresh to populate the Client Name drop-down with the available clients in IRIS OpenSpace account. The Client Name list is in Client ID order.

  5. Select the Client from the Client Name drop-down; this will automatically populate the Client ID with the Client ID configured in the IRIS OpenSpace Account. Click OK.

  6. It is important to ensure that the correct Client ID/Client Name is entered to prevent potentially publishing to the wrong client.


How to publish reports to the IRIS OpenSpace portal  

  1. Print the required report in the payroll software.

  2. If necessary change the period you wish to publish for.

  3. Click Upload to IRIS OpenSpace; top right of the window. 

  4.  From the IRIS OpenSpace – Request E-Approval screen, select the required settings.

  5.  Select Send email Notification if you want an email notification to be sent to your client. This will be sent if they have Receive Notifications selected in the client setup of IRIS OpenSpace. 

  6. By default, Generic approval will be selected. If you want to customise the text, select Custom Approval and enter the required text – a maximum of 300 characters over 3 lines.

  7.  To request electronic approval from your client, select Client has given consent to electronically approve their documents.

  8.  If you do not require approval for the documents, click Skip. The document will then not include a request for approval.

How to view the published documents

To view the published documents:

  1.  Go to the IRIS OpenSpace website at and log in with the registered email address and password.

  2.  From the Dashboard, choose from:

  1. The E-Checklist is only used by IRIS Personal Tax software – for further details click here.

  1.  Click on the relevant Filename / File description, this will download the document for you to view.