Getting Started with IRIS OpenSpace


This topic explains the process of setting up an OpenSpace account, viewing storage information, setting up a practice user, setting up folder structures and managing documents. This topic also looks at how to set up OpenSpace clients and link them to IRIS.


Creating and Activating your OpenSpace Account


Home screen



Creating a Practice User

Editing an Existing Practice User

Importing Staff Users

Customising Staff Notifications

Default Folder Structure

Editing Documents

Deleting Documents

Creating a Client

Adding Client Users to a Client

Creating Multiple Clients with the same Email

Linking OpenSpace Client Account to IRIS

File Upload

Uploading from IRIS to your OpenSpace Client



Creating a OpenSpace Account

  1. Go to click Need an Account?
  2. This is only if your practice does not currently have an OpenSpace account.

The following screen displays.

  1. Enter the following details:
  1. Ensure the terms and conditions option is selected.

  1. Once details have been entered, click Create.


  1. Click Continue.


An email confirmation will be sent to the email address entered in Step 1.

  1. Log in and view the email to confirm the account registration.

  1. Clicking the link in the email will display the password screen.

  1. Enter the new password, twice, and click Set Password.


The user can now log into the OpenSpace account.


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When first logging into OpenSpace, the Terms and Conditions screen displays. Read and then agree to the conditions by selecting the option at the bottom of the screen.

The T & C can be accessed within the application at any time should they need to be read thoroughly at a later date.



Home screen

The layout and functionality here starts with the three tabs along the top of the screen.

The home tab contains the practice dashboard, clients and the ability to upload a file to IRIS OpenSpace.


The first screen displayed is the Dashboard.




The dashboard gives a view of all unread files that have been received, documents that have been sent for and are awaiting electronic approval, those that have been approved and rejected.

It also contains all outstanding electronic checklists and will display any website enquiries that have been submitted, should they have an OpenSpace enquiry form linked to their website.

Within the main screen, they can then sort the files displayed by client name, file name and description, date uploaded, size and owner.



The clients screen gives the option to view all clients assigned. Functions available here are; export a full client list, add a new client from here or search for client information using the search bar.

Information can be edited for an existing client by selecting the checkbox to the left of the client name and clicking Edit Client in the top right-hand corner.

Clients can be sorted here by client ID, name, status, last login, total files and storage size being used.


Upload File

When on the clients tab, the Upload File button will not appear. To access this, you will need to return to the dashboard tab

Clicking upload file will bring the user into the file upload mechanism.



Account setting are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This allows the user to alter details, change their password or view the various policies and conditions held within the system.

The user can also log out from here.



Deleted Items

Click the dustbin to see a list of all recently deleted items.


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The settings tab allows the client to customise all aspects of the OpenSpace system. The intricacies of this area will be covered in more detail later on, but the basic functionality available is as follows:




From this tab new practice users can be created as well as the ability to import a list of users into the system. Existing staff member profiles can be edited here, including assigning staff members to clients and changing permissions.


Practice Details

Here practice information can be edited, including the administrator email address. The email address is used by IRIS to send any important alerts and announcements.

From here the default folder structure can be edited for each client. This will alter the files that each new client sees, depending upon how the practice wishes to organise its files.



This tab contains all the functionality to enable branding and customisation of the OpenSpace portal. This section will be covered in further detail later.


Audit Log

The audit log contains details of every action within the system. This can be sorted by date, user, action, client and data.


eApproval Logs

e-approval logs tracks all documents that have been uploaded for electronic approval including the status of the document, who it has been approved by and when it was last interacted with.


eChecklist Logs

e-Checklist logs tracks all electronic tax e-checklists that have been uploaded to the client from IRIS.


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Your Subscription

This tab is where storage requirements are managed and where current usage can be viewed. The right-hand side of the page displays the total files, clients and users on the system.

Files and folders can also be viewed within the client screen. These can be sorted by file size, to find the largest files, if for example, space allocation is incorrect.

Additional space can also be purchase, to be used on OpenSpace account. An additional 1GB of space is £5 per month.

Alternatively, larger amounts can be purchased through account managers.


Invoice History

All historical invoices can be viewed and printed.


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Creating a Practice User

To create a new user within the practice:

  1. Go to the Settings tab and click Users. Only Admin users can do this.

  2. Then click New User.

  3. Add a unique email address, first and surname.

  4. Select Is Admin User if the user is to receive notifications from all clients.



Editing an Existing Practice User

To edit an existing user:

  1. Select the user using the checkbox and select Edit User.

  2. Edit the details entered for that user and customise the notifications that the user will receive if required.



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Importing Staff Users

Use the Import functionality to import a large number of practice users. When selected, the following message displays. A link in the message will download a sample file before attempting to upload a file into the system.




Customising Staff Notifications

There are a number of options available to customise the notifications that staff members receive.

They can:


A user can be assigned to a particular client by searching based upon client ID. This means that the user then receives notifications based upon that client’s activity only.


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Default Folder Structure

  1. Login to OpenSpace as an Admin user.

  2. Go to Settings | Practice Details to change for all clients.

The Uploaded From IRIS Practice Suite and Top Level folders can be renamed but not deleted. Any files uploaded through IRIS will automatically save to the folder Uploaded From IRIS Practice Suite.

This will help manage the files uploaded to clients into labelled folders. The default/accountants folder structure can be personalised by adding, removing and renaming folders.


Clients and Default Folder structure

A warning message displays indicating that any files in the Uploaded From IRIS Practice Suite folder will not be affected. All other folders will no longer be accessible.

To regain access to the folders, deselect Use Accountant File Structure | Update


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Editing Documents

To activate the Edit options, select the document/s that need editing by selecting the box next to them.

Deleting Documents

If a file is accidentally delete, it can immediately be restor from the 'Trash' can.

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Creating a Client

A client can be automatically created by uploading a document from IRIS.

  1. In order to do this, make sure that the OpenSpace login details have been entered into the system, under System Maintenance | Staff | Staff Maintenance

A new client can also be created within the OpenSpace browser using the Client tab. From the Home screen select New Client.



  1. Enter a client name, client ID and choose whether or not the client is to be notified that their account has been created.

The option to add a user is now available. They will then be contacted to activate their account. If the email used is already in use, a warning message displays. The process can continue, however the customer must be aware that the client already has an OpenSpace account, in most cases with another accountant and must take this into account.


Once the new client has been created, they will receive an email to confirm their account and to create a password. The practice will then receive a notification of when this has occurred.


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Adding client users to a client

  1. From the Home tab, click the Clients menu item and select the client you wish to add a user to.

  2. Click Edit Client then click Add Client User. Enter the Email Address, Confirm Email, First Name and Surname then click Register when complete.


Creating multiple clients with the same email

You are able to create clients and attach them to an email address you have already used for another client. When they login to their IRIS OpenSpace account they will be able to see multiple documents.


Client Statuses:

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Linking OpenSpace client account to IRIS

If the client has been created manually, directly in OpenSpace, they will not show as linked in IRIS.

To link an OpenSpace client to IRIS:

  1. From the IRIS Portal menu click the magnifying glass.

  2. Select the client to display.

  3. Click the tools icon, (circled below).

  4. A screen displays with the options to either kink a client to IRIS or create a new client in OpenSpace.


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File Upload

To upload a file to IRIS OpenSpace from IRIS, the OpenSpace Username and password MUST be saved within Staff Maintenance to 'your' IRIS login before starting.


  1. Log in to IRIS, System Maintenance | Staff | Staff Maintenance

  2. Highlight your staff login from the list; View | Basic tab.

  3. Enter IRIS OpenSpace Username and Password and click Save.


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Uploading from IRIS to your IRIS OpenSpace client

If uploading documents for an IRIS client, there is no need to create a New Client.

Uploading files from IRIS automatically creates the client in IRIS OpenSpace and saves it in the Uploaded from IRIS Practice Suite folder.


To do this:

  1. Go to Accounts Production | Reports | select Report.

  2. Select the PDF and/or Word processor and select Upload.


An output details dialog displays where the folder location and file name, (PDF or Word document), can be changed. Word and PDF document can be uploaded simultaneously.


An Uploading complete dialog displays when the file has successfully uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace from IRIS.



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Company Secretarial

Files can be uploaded wherever you see the Upload option:


Communications Tab

Upload files from the Communications tab by selecting Upload:


Time & Fees

Non-client specific reports from Time and Fees cannot be uploaded from IRIS.


Business/Personal Tax

Select a client, select report | Upload


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