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Windows 10 Users getting IRIS Startup Failure

Installation Error 16

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How do I install IRIS when using Terminal Server or Remote Desktop Services?


When is the GDPR release available ?


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IRIS Pre Installer Health Checks

The IRIS installer employs a Health Check that can diagnose any potential issues prior to installation.


Upgrading to Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, it has been identified that some users will encounter the following error when trying to open IRIS:



  1. Click Start | All Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or 2012 / Configuration Tools / SQL Server Configuration Manager

  2. From the open window select the SQL Server Services option.

  3. Right-click on the option for your SQL Service, by default this is SQL Server (IRISPRACTICE) but this can include variations such as SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and may not always appear as the example.

  4. Select the option to Start. Wait for State to display Running, close the window and retry the IRIS Main Menu.